Our work

Believing in self is
The path to individuation

Believing in self is The path to individuation

Individuation is Jung’s answer to our tendency toward one-sidedness. We are committed, through this process, to the becoming of a complete human being, by integrating all the parts of our personality of which we aren’t presently conscious.

How do we work with our clients?

We are dedicated to respecting the dignity of the people we work for and we challenge our clients to be ambitious, serious and hopeful about their goals. We share 3 values

We believe that individual responsibility and strong ethical lines are real assets for success.

Our work is inclusive, systemic and global, in the sense that we advocate that the whole is superior to the sum of its parts.

We combine wisdom and care to tackle complex issues. Experience tells us constraints can be an asset to foster creativity and imagination.

Our working process

We are intent on adapting our tools and processes to individuals and organizations by blending theory and practice, by building trust, and therefore encouraging cooperative attitudes to drive learning.


the needs

To build a common understanding of what is the issue at stake and how we want to go about to solve it.



We identify jointly which are the relevant steps to achieve success.


Choosing appropriate tools and processes

We define the path to be completed and set the timeframe.

Dealing with change

In today’s BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Non-Linear, Incomprehensible) world, business leaders are looking for alternative answers to support their working environments. RH-INC is offering help in 4 complementary fields


We are intent on assisting all individuals find his/her purpose in today’s world and bring his/her personal and professional growth to its full potential.

& Leadership

Mobiliser et favoriser la coopération et l’entraide pour permettre au collectif de trouver ses solutions et d’atteindre ses objectifs.

Innovation et Conduite
du Changement

Proposer un cadre de réflexion pour permettre aux dirigeants de confronter leurs expériences aux mutations sectorielles et sociétales selon une pédagogie par étapes.

Supervision & Échange
de pratique

Offrir un cadre de relecture de sa pratique professionnelle (formation, coaching, mentoring) pour confronter ses choix et ancrer sa posture.

Our Tools

Efficient resources to solve problems