Our purpose

Collective wisdom to enhance management & leadership skills

RH-INC is a coaching and training resource for profit and nonprofit organizations. We offer key expertise in leadership and management skills to enable professionals and their teams achieve higher standards in their business environments.

Dealing with change

In today’s BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Non-Linear, Incomprehensible) world, business leaders are looking for alternative answers to support their working environments. RH-INC is offering help in 4 complementary fields


We are intent on assisting all individuals find his/her purpose in today’s world and bring his/her personal and professional growth to its full potential.

& Leadership

Facilitating cooperation and encouraging authenticity enables teams and organizations to go beyond their predefined goals and share a collective experience.

Innovation and change management

Setting the stage for reflexive inquiries that give leaders the resources they need to find new answers to complex issues.

Supervision & shared expertise

Providing a secure context to review practices and attitudes that can raise the bar of professionalism.

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A global approach

We combine 3 areas of expertise in all our services


Training is incorporation of new skills to qualify for higher responsibilities. The learning curve follows a step-by-step process and is certified by tests and controls that assures trainees have achieved the skills and knowledge training was intended to provide.


Coaching is focused on helping an individual, team or organization achieve its goals in a specific context. Coaching is intent on how to learn from difficulties and unlock issues rather than on teaching in order to know more.

Expert advice

In specific circumstances, outside help is the appropriate option to benefit from expert advice and save time and resources to solve issues.

Our references

The people at RH-INC

Jean-Christophe Normand
Professional coach and trainer

Sophie Nguyen
Professional coach and trainer